"What happened to you? Been playing rugby again?"


For the past 16 years of my life, I have been asked on an almost daily basis - and frequently more often than that, up to five or six times a day - what has happened to me. The reason they ask is because I have a walking disability: I walk very slowly and awkwardly, with a limp, and have to use a stick. … more

New Year's Eve and Bad News


3b. Surprise Revealed
On 31st December 1998, I went for an MRI scan on my back because over the previous few months, something strange was going on with my back, and affecting my legs. Whenever I coughed or sneezed, I felt as though there was a hot knitting needled down my spine. I had also lost the sensation to heat and cold in my left leg. The scan revealed a massive herniated disc at level T8/9 (thoracic 8/9) in my spine, roughly the section between my shoulder blades. … more

Rehab at the Abdul Lateef Jameel Centre for Rehabilitation


2. The Long Corridor
Life in the Abdul Lateef Jameel Centre for Rehabilitation in Jeddah was not like being somewhere like Stoke Mandeville or the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in the UK. For a start, there was strict gender segregation, except when it came to doctor-therapist-patient situations. There was only Arabic TV - the staff had cable TV, but no matter how hard I pleaded with them to link my room to it, they refused. … more

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Journey With my Wheelchair Story

This is the story about how I came to be using a wheelchair, and walking with a walking stick.