Welcome to my website.

I am from Kenya and grew up in Kericho, a small town in the major tea growing area of the country. After training as a secretary and then as a nurse, I fell in love with photography and decided to become a freelance photographer, learning my craft by reading as much as I could, and by trial and error.

In 1984, my husband accepted a job with Saudi Arabian Airlines and, with our two young children, we moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We had originally planned to live there for a few years, but left 31 years later in April 2015. I continued with my photography in Jeddah, and from 1994 - 1998 took a break to study at the University of Westminster for a BA(Hons) Photography & Multi-Media.

My website contains a selection of my photographs taken over those 31 years. Many of these are taken in Saudi Arabia, including photos of our trips on our Harley-Davidson around the Middle East.

There is also a section entitled "Journey with my Wheelchair", the project that I did following a serious back operation in January 1999 in Jeddah which went disastrously wrong. It resulted in a spinal cord injury and having to use a wheelchair, and eventually learning to walk, but very slowly and always with a walking stick. This project earned me my Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, and Fellowship of the Disabled Photography Society.

Whenever I am home in Kenya, I like to go 'on safari' and to photograph wildlife and birds.

During my years in Saudi Arabia, I have worked as a freelance journalist, so there are also a few links to articles that have been published in the Saudi Gazette. One of my main interests was interviewing people, and although I no longer write for the Saudi Gazette, I keep meeting interesting people that I would like to interview about their lives and work in Saudi Arabia.

As I was frequently asked: 'What's it like living there? Will you be sad to leave? What will you miss?" I have written a memoir of the years I spent in Jeddah. I am in the process of looking for an agent or publisher.
Please have a look at my Facebook page, '31 Years in Saudi Arabia: One Day I'll Fly Away'

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Elizabeth (Bizzie) Frost FRPS
Elizabeth (Bizzie) Frost FRPS